Paths to snare an app developer

After a week of researching, talking to people and mapping out my plan of action I hit a wall. The problem I was faced with is having step A (understanding of the concept) and step C (envisaging the end product but not having Step B, the skill set to create an app. As with most things, I googled the cost of hiring an app developer and much like those self diagnosing medical sites, the results were jaw dropping. It was the equivalent to being told I'll be dead in a week. £80k was the estimated cost of developing my idea, £80,000. This was a huge setback but you can't just give up at the first hurdle. There's always another way.

My first attempt at 'another way' was learning to develop apps myself. Turns out its REALLY hard and that's just to do the very basics. So I started thinking, I don't actually need a team of developers, I just need a developer and I knew just the place to find that one. Fiverr; a platform a friend had told me about a while back where you can post jobs of all kinds, set budgets and freelancers will bid on your project. I hadn't tried anything like this before so I thought why not. Signed up, posted a description of the task in hand along with some diagrams and sketches of my concept. I waited a week and watched as around 12 freelancers from all over the world post bids with a pitch of why they would be best suited. I entered into conversation with 3 of the 12 freelancers and then made my selection based on how well they understood the concept. After this point it all went down hill. There was a lot of 'can't do this and can't do that' followed by 'this will cost more and that will cost more'. This was the very thing I was trying to solve with my app in the construction industry. There was a lot of waiting around for the freelancer to get back to me and after about two weeks of delays and zero progress, I decided to cancel my order as I had lost faith in their ability to deliver. I then tried another freelancer from the same site but again failed to make any real headway so decided to draw the curtains on this approach.

Look far and wide to find people that will be instrumental in developing your ideas

I read somewhere that laying upside down is good for getting the ideas flowing. Maybe its something to do with sending more blood to the brain. Not sure if it works but it was my resting position when I acquired my next idea; which was to approach anyone and everyone I knew that's involved in anything to do with computers. There was a lot of 'sorry.......' until, of all people my younger brother told me he had a friend that's studying computer science and might be able to help. I was wide eyed and eager to talk to this friend so we set a meeting up for the very next day. Sadly, this meeting didn't go as planned as this friend was too busy with upcoming exams and I was too impatient to wait. Luckily, he did put me in touch with a friend of his in Malaysia who works for a multinational company. Enter Austin, the man that was going to put a rocket into my idea and really kick start it all.

This is where I found him

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